Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Dragons of Game of Thrones

by Catherine Giordano

Daenerys with one of her baby dragons
Isn't it cool that Daenerys on HBO's The Game of Thrones is the Mother of Dragons.  The dragonlets were so cute as little hatchlings.

Daenerys with her young dragon

As they grew older, the dragons were loving and mostly obedient. They protected Daenerys and helped her win battles. They were quite useful.

But the dragons appear to be rambunctious teenagers now, and they are running wild. They are magnificent, but they are heedless wild animals who are wreaking death and destruction across the countryside. They are out of control.

Dragon Gone Wild

In The Game of Thrones season four finale, Daenerys had to chain two of the dragons up in a cave. They do not appear to be happy about that.

The third dragon  is still on the loose.  I expect he will reappear in a subsequent episode. I expect it will not bode well for Daenerys, her armies, her subjects, or indeed, for any one on this world.

It was so sexy and exciting to be The Mother of Dragons. But they grow up so fast.

If you can't wait to find out what happens, you can always read the books.  (Note: The TV show does not always follow the books.)
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