Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo
Source: Picasa
by Catherine Giordano

I did an article about found poetry for HubPages  I included a lot of information about found poetry and wrote about my own News Print Poetry 2012 project. Please take a look and help me be successful on HubPages.  The article is Found Poetry: The News Print Poetry Project.

I used a picture of this dragon to illustrate my poem about Chinese New Year that was included in the article as an example of found poetry.

Here's the poem.

The Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year.
The Year of the Dragon
The mythical creature
brings optimism, and
hope for better times.
The dragon—
the most powerful sign
delivers energy and prosperity.

You can see more of the poems at News Print Poetry 2012.

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