Friday, September 19, 2014

Dragon Halloween Costumes for Kids

Red dragon costume for infants and babies
Adorable baby dragon costume
by Catherine Giordano

Why do kids love dragons?

Maybe because they are big and scary and carnivorous. Maybe because they are awesome--flying in the sky with their ginormous wings and breathing fire. Maybe because they are cool--movies like movies like  How to Train Your Dragon, and dragon-themed books and games have upped the wow factor.

The answer is all of the above.

However, the big, scary and carnivorous reason my need an explanation. Dragons are like dinosaurs and kids have been fascinated with dinosaurs forever. When you are a little kid, everything is big and scary and possibly out to do you in.  Little kids like to own the power of these ferocious beasts for themselves. If I were a dragon everyone would be scared of me and no one would be telling me what to do.

Baby dragon costume
Baby Dragon Costume
And one more reason little kids and great big kids (also known as adults) love dragons--they are so gosh-darn cute. Like the little baby in the picture above and to the left. Click the link below the picture to see the costume and a bunch of other dragon costumes for babies, little kids and great big kids (also known as adults.)

If you would like to learn more about why kids love dragons, click this link. Dragon Toys Your Kids Will Love  You will also see a detailed explanation of the psychology of dragon-love and enough dragon-themed gift ideas to fill a dragon’s lair.

Child Dragon Costume

Dragon Mask
Red dragon mask
Toddler Dragon Costume
Toddler dragon costume

Be sure to save your kids costumes after Halloween. I kept all of my son's old costumes and props in a big box. During the year, he would play dress up and pretend games with the costumes. Costumes are fun all year long. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Perseus: Demi-God and Dragon Slayer

Perseus with Head of Medusa
Statue of Perseus
holding the severed head
of Medusa
by Catherine Giordano

Perseus is a demi-god of Ancient Greece.  (Literally, half -god: His father was Zeus, and his mother was a mortal woman, Danae.)

Perseus slays Medusa. Medusa was a Gorgon, technically not a dragon. But dragons are sometimes depicted as creatures with multiple serpent heads spring from their neck. Medusa with her serpent hair may be based on dragon legends. 

When Perseus is returning home he comes upon Andromeda, a young princess chained to a rock about to be attacked by a sea serpent, Cetus. She is being sacrificed because the Delphi oracle has said it was the only way to rid the kingdom of a rampaging dragon. Perseus kills this sea dragon. The rescued maiden becomes Perseus' bride

See a detailed discussion about why I consider these two beasts to be dragons at The Dragon Files: Do Humans Have Dragon DNA?

You can also read a detailed account of the Life of Perseus at  Who is Perseus? Ancient Greek Dragon Slayer

A movie, The Clash of the Titans tells the story of Perseus.

Perseus costume
Perseus costume
child size
adult size

Perseus Graphic Novel


Monday, September 1, 2014

What Color is Your Dragon?

by Catherine Giordano
Red dragons are fearsome creatures known for their fiery tempers.

CLICK HERE for a red dragon tapestry
Dragons have reptilian scaly skins of one dominant color. It is generally agreed among those who study dragon lore that dragons of a particular color have certain traits. Here is some important information you should know before you go on a dragon quest.

Black Dragons

Black dragons are the nastiest of dragons, evil vicious fire-berthing creatures. They will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way, even their own kind. You encounter them at your peril, but if you want to find one, look in dark underground places like dungeons or mines.
Red Dragons

Red dragons are fire dragons. They can not only breathe out fire, but shape that fire at their will. They are ferocious, easy to anger, and unpredictable.  You probably should steer clear of them, but should you want to find one, check out the nearest volcano.

Blue Dragons

Blue dragons prefer watery habitats like underwater caves. They can shoot pressurized water or boiling steam from their mouths ad nostrils. They are shy, but curious. They keep to themselves, but since they like to collect bright shiny objects. You might tempt one from its hiding place with something bright and shiny.

Bronze Dragons

Bronze dragons are superior beings. They can speak human languages; they can cast spells, and are masters of alchemy. If you encounter a bronze dragon, you might be given a philosophic riddle to solve. You will usually find them in a castle, living under the protection of a king or lord.

Gold Dragons

Gold dragons have many gifts. They can speak human languages, do magic, shape-shift and prophesize. They are wise honorable and brave; they do not attack humans unless provoked. They prefer to dwell in castles and will loyally serve their king or lord.

Silver Dragons

Silver dragons are powerful dragons, rarely seen by humans because they prefer to live in secluded places. They are lovers of knowledge and can travel trough space and time. They are peace loving creatures who avoid war and violence.

White Dragons

White dragons live in the frozen arctic wilds deep within snow caves; they prefer icy and snowy terrains. The can breathe snow, spit out icicles, and cause avalanches. They hoard shiny objects and are selfish creatures. A site dragon will not help others unless there is something in it for him.

Yellow Dragons

Yellow dragons are the least intelligent of the dragons. Just like humans of low intelligence, they are boastful and egotistical. They don’t interact much with humans because they prefer the upper atmosphere. When they fly low, their giant wing spans can cause tornados.

Green Dragons

Green dragons are the smallest dragons.  They live in natural caves in forests. They have short wings and tend not to fly very high. They can breathe fire, but they use the fire as a tool and not as a weapon. They are skilled and climbing and burrowing and have excellent night vision. They are peaceful, even affectionate creatures.


Memorize the characteristics of each dragon so you will know what to expect should you encounter any of these magnificent creatures.

The above is myth and fantasy. If you would like to know the truth about dragons read