Sunday, December 14, 2014

Smaug Tussles with Stephen Colbert

by Catherine Giordano

Smaug on The Colbert Report

Did you see the Colbert Report on Thursday December 11, 2014?  Stephen Colbert interviewed Smaug, the dragon from the Hobbit movies. There is a new movie opening soon The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, the third movie in the series. (Not counting the original Lord of the Rings trilogy.) 

Smaug is not cute like the dragons of “How to Tame Your Dragon.” He's not a sparkly pet on a leash like the dragons on Game of Thrones. This is a real dragon, the dragon of your nightmares. Smaug says he is an ”old .school worm,” and he looks terrifying.
The segment begins with Smaug bursting through the wall, and ends with the studio going up in flames. In between, Smaug juts his ferocious snout into Colbert’s face.  (I wonder, do dragons have bad breath?) Smaug has teeth as long as my forearm, but Stephen is undaunted.  Nothing scares Colbert. After all, he has interviewed Bill O’Reilly and survived. So why should he cower before a mere dragon?
It was a great segment. Next week is the last week of “The Colbert Report.”  I will miss the show so much. Stephen Colbert played his part of a conservative talk show host so well. When the show first started seven years ago, he fooled conservatives into thinking he was one of them.  (It just went to prove that it is really hard to satirize people who are already so far over the top that it is hard to believe that they are for real. 

Next year Colbert will take over “Late Night” when David Letterman leaves. We won’t hear Colbert roar anymore—he will be dropping the persona he used on "the Colbert Report.".  He will be his charming and intelligent self.  I can’t help but wonder if he will occasionally slip back into character. A dragon can’t change his skin you know. 
Stephen Colbert America Again
If you get to missing Stephen Colbert--his new show won't start for months--you can snuggle up with Stephen Colbert's book: America Again: Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't.

Enjoy the clips below.  

Below is a video of the trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies.

You might like to have some dragons on DVD.

How to Tame Your Dragon 2 DVD
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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Samug DVD
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dragon Anatomy 101

by Catherine Giordano

A dragon has the characteristics of many other animals.


The head is fierce-some with a very strong jaw and long sharp teeth. It looks something like a crocodile. The dragon has two fangs in its upper jaw and two fangs in its lower jaw.

A dragon has two horns at the top of its head.  On some dragons, the horns point backwards which makes them useful for grooming.  With other dragons, the horns point forward and can be used to attack.
Dragon Skull Trinket Chest
Dragon Skull Trinket Box

It has a long massive neck that allows the head to be upright even when the dragon walks on all four legs. It is somewhat like a horse in this regard, but the neck is longer relative to the body size. The neck often has a sort of ruff going down from the back of the head to the body.  This ruff has sharp spikes protruding from it.

Dragons have huge brains which accounts for their intelligence and cunning.


Dragons have the massive body and legs of a large land beast, similar to a lion, although they are much larger than any of the jungle cats.

A dragon’s body is covered with hard scales like a snake. The scales overlap protecting the body like a suit of armor. The scales increase in number and grow in size as a dragon gets larger; a dragon does not shed its skin like a snake.  A dragon’s skin is very thick and tough.

The body of some types of dragons has regularly-spaced spikes that protrude from the body.


to look inside

A dragon has huge wings that spring from its back. The wings are like those of a bat. The wings have a skeletal frame like fingers. The finger tips end sharp claws.

A dragon’s bones are hollow and thus very light and its muscles are very strong, so it can fly with ease.  Dragons can soar for hours with little effort.


A dragon has a long tail similar to that of a lizard. It uses its tail to steady itself in flight or to propel itself in water. The tail like the body has regularly-placed spikes making the tail ideal to be used as a weapon.


A dragon’s feet have three or four toes facing forward. One toe faces outward to the side allowing it to operate like a human thumb. It can use its foot to perch as a bird does, but it can also grasp objects with its toes. The toe nails are sharp claws. 
A dragon’s bones are very light and its muscles are very strong so it can fly with ease.  Dragons can soar for hours with little effort.


Dragons have exceptionally good sight. They can see in the dark. They even have “blind-sight” which means they can see with their eyes closed. They also have exception good sense of smell. Their sense of hearing and taste is similar to that of humans. Their sense of touch is poor because of their thick skin, scales and clawed feet. 

Dragons can speak.  They have no difficulty speaking human languages, although among themselves, they prefer to speak Latin or the local dragon language.


The most amazing body organ of a dragon is its fundamentum.  It is located just below the heart. The dragon’s blood passes through this organ before going to the other organs.  Chemicals made in this organ pass to the lungs which is what allows the dragon to breathe fire. 

Unlike reptiles dragons are warm-blooded and can control their internal body temperatures.  This allows them to survive in many climates and be active both day and night.


Some dragons can shape-shift into human form, but dragon biologists do not yet understand how they do this.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dragons and the Humans Who Love Them

Dragon Figurine white
for info on dragon figurines
by Catherine Giordano

Who knew? Dragons sometimes take human form and have love affairs with humans.  Their inter-species lover can even bring forth progeny—fortunately human progeny and not some animal human hybrid. No one would want to see that. 

Folklore abounds with love stories about the love between humans and dragons. I found three of these tales which take place in France during the Middle Ages.  

Why the Middle Ages? There were lots of dragons around back then.   

Why France? The country and its people are known for l’amour 

In these sweet love stories a lonely dragon who has shape-shifted into human form, encounters a human and they fall in love and marry. Who knew? Dragons can be quite charming. And it doesn’t hurt that they only shape-shift into extremely good-looking humans.

I wrote up these stories in another posting. Read them at  Shape-Shifting Dragons of Folklore: Three Love Stories 

for dragon romance
There are also modern-day tales of dragons who shape shift into human form. These stories are less sweet, but no less romantic. It is just that we get lots of steamy, erotic, sexual encounters between the dragon and his lady love. (It is usually a male dragon and a female human who couple-up.) Dragons are evidently quite skilled in the arts of love.   

These novels are a sub-genre of a sub-genre: Romance Paranormal romanceDragon romance. Take a look at the offerings on
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Friday, September 19, 2014

Dragon Halloween Costumes for Kids

Red dragon costume for infants and babies
Adorable baby dragon costume
by Catherine Giordano

Why do kids love dragons?

Maybe because they are big and scary and carnivorous. Maybe because they are awesome--flying in the sky with their ginormous wings and breathing fire. Maybe because they are cool--movies like movies like  How to Train Your Dragon, and dragon-themed books and games have upped the wow factor.

The answer is all of the above.

However, the big, scary and carnivorous reason my need an explanation. Dragons are like dinosaurs and kids have been fascinated with dinosaurs forever. When you are a little kid, everything is big and scary and possibly out to do you in.  Little kids like to own the power of these ferocious beasts for themselves. If I were a dragon everyone would be scared of me and no one would be telling me what to do.

Baby dragon costume
Baby Dragon Costume
And one more reason little kids and great big kids (also known as adults) love dragons--they are so gosh-darn cute. Like the little baby in the picture above and to the left. Click the link below the picture to see the costume and a bunch of other dragon costumes for babies, little kids and great big kids (also known as adults.)

If you would like to learn more about why kids love dragons, click this link. Dragon Toys Your Kids Will Love  You will also see a detailed explanation of the psychology of dragon-love and enough dragon-themed gift ideas to fill a dragon’s lair.

Child Dragon Costume

Dragon Mask
Red dragon mask
Toddler Dragon Costume
Toddler dragon costume

Be sure to save your kids costumes after Halloween. I kept all of my son's old costumes and props in a big box. During the year, he would play dress up and pretend games with the costumes. Costumes are fun all year long. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Perseus: Demi-God and Dragon Slayer

Perseus with Head of Medusa
Statue of Perseus
holding the severed head
of Medusa
by Catherine Giordano

Perseus is a demi-god of Ancient Greece.  (Literally, half -god: His father was Zeus, and his mother was a mortal woman, Danae.)

Perseus slays Medusa. Medusa was a Gorgon, technically not a dragon. But dragons are sometimes depicted as creatures with multiple serpent heads spring from their neck. Medusa with her serpent hair may be based on dragon legends. 

When Perseus is returning home he comes upon Andromeda, a young princess chained to a rock about to be attacked by a sea serpent, Cetus. She is being sacrificed because the Delphi oracle has said it was the only way to rid the kingdom of a rampaging dragon. Perseus kills this sea dragon. The rescued maiden becomes Perseus' bride

See a detailed discussion about why I consider these two beasts to be dragons at The Dragon Files: Do Humans Have Dragon DNA?

You can also read a detailed account of the Life of Perseus at  Who is Perseus? Ancient Greek Dragon Slayer

A movie, The Clash of the Titans tells the story of Perseus.

Perseus costume
Perseus costume
child size
adult size

Perseus Graphic Novel


Monday, September 1, 2014

What Color is Your Dragon?

by Catherine Giordano
Red dragons are fearsome creatures known for their fiery tempers.

CLICK HERE for a red dragon tapestry
Dragons have reptilian scaly skins of one dominant color. It is generally agreed among those who study dragon lore that dragons of a particular color have certain traits. Here is some important information you should know before you go on a dragon quest.

Black Dragons

Black dragons are the nastiest of dragons, evil vicious fire-berthing creatures. They will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way, even their own kind. You encounter them at your peril, but if you want to find one, look in dark underground places like dungeons or mines.
Red Dragons

Red dragons are fire dragons. They can not only breathe out fire, but shape that fire at their will. They are ferocious, easy to anger, and unpredictable.  You probably should steer clear of them, but should you want to find one, check out the nearest volcano.

Blue Dragons

Blue dragons prefer watery habitats like underwater caves. They can shoot pressurized water or boiling steam from their mouths ad nostrils. They are shy, but curious. They keep to themselves, but since they like to collect bright shiny objects. You might tempt one from its hiding place with something bright and shiny.

Bronze Dragons

Bronze dragons are superior beings. They can speak human languages; they can cast spells, and are masters of alchemy. If you encounter a bronze dragon, you might be given a philosophic riddle to solve. You will usually find them in a castle, living under the protection of a king or lord.

Gold Dragons

Gold dragons have many gifts. They can speak human languages, do magic, shape-shift and prophesize. They are wise honorable and brave; they do not attack humans unless provoked. They prefer to dwell in castles and will loyally serve their king or lord.

Silver Dragons

Silver dragons are powerful dragons, rarely seen by humans because they prefer to live in secluded places. They are lovers of knowledge and can travel trough space and time. They are peace loving creatures who avoid war and violence.

White Dragons

White dragons live in the frozen arctic wilds deep within snow caves; they prefer icy and snowy terrains. The can breathe snow, spit out icicles, and cause avalanches. They hoard shiny objects and are selfish creatures. A site dragon will not help others unless there is something in it for him.

Yellow Dragons

Yellow dragons are the least intelligent of the dragons. Just like humans of low intelligence, they are boastful and egotistical. They don’t interact much with humans because they prefer the upper atmosphere. When they fly low, their giant wing spans can cause tornados.

Green Dragons

Green dragons are the smallest dragons.  They live in natural caves in forests. They have short wings and tend not to fly very high. They can breathe fire, but they use the fire as a tool and not as a weapon. They are skilled and climbing and burrowing and have excellent night vision. They are peaceful, even affectionate creatures.


Memorize the characteristics of each dragon so you will know what to expect should you encounter any of these magnificent creatures.

The above is myth and fantasy. If you would like to know the truth about dragons read


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Six Wonderful Ways to Dragon-Up Your Home

by Catherine Giordano

If you, or maybe your child, loves dragons, you probably want to dragon-up your home. At least a little bit. It’s just fun to surround yourself with the things you love. Or if you know someone who has a thing for dragons, child or adult, here are a few ideas for gift-giving.
Dragon Wall Decal

How about putting a dragon on the wall? You can use a Peel and Stick wall-decal. Just stick it on the wall where you want it. When you want a change of decor, just peel it off. It won’t leave a trace on the wall.

You can use just a little accent piece about 12" X 9" (a little bigger than a letter-size sheet of paper) decal or really go big and cover the entire wall with a 60” X  45” (almost 5 feet by 4 feet) decal.
Wall Monkey Peel and Stick Dragon
for more info


Fierce Dragon Mystical Bookends

If you like dragons, like I do, I bet you have some dragon-themed books, like The Dragon Riders of Pern. What better way to shelve these books than with some dragon book-ends?  Nobody will mess with your books with these dragons standing guard over them.
They are made of poly resin with a soft green patina-look, and are sculpted with amazing detail. They measure 12 ¼” X 3 ¼ “ X 7”.  They are sturdy and heavy enough for even big books.

Fierce Dragon mystical Bookends
for more info

Royal Medieval Dragon Collectable Stein
Keep some dragons handy at your desk. Let them keep you company as you work or study. This mug is for decorative use only. It would be a wonderful pen and pencil holder at your deck. Or maybe you’d like it in the kitchen to hold your whisks and spoons and such. It’s also great at your dressing table to hold your make-up brushes. At Christmas time, fill it with candy canes.

It is made of polyresin and metal and stands 4.5 inches high and 5.5 inches wide including the handle. It’s 3 ¾” in diameter.

Collectable Dragon Stein
for more info

Dragon Bathroom Tissue Holder

This beautiful bathroom tissue holder is like having a dragon butler to attend to your personal needs. It’s hand painted and cast in high quality resin. If you put it in the guest bathroom, it’s sure to be a conversation piece. Your kids will love it or their bathroom, too.

for more info

Midnight Dragon Collectible Figurine 

Here’s a charming little dragon for a curio shelf, or a mantle, or an end table. It’s only 4.5" x 4.8" so it will fit anywhere in your home. It is made of resin and the colors are stunning.

Midnight Dragon Collectible Figurine
for more info

Red Dragon Whitby Wyrm Art Poster

How about a dragon poster?  This one is 34” x 24”. It’s a masterpiece ready for framing, and suitable for any room in your house. 
Red Dragon Whitby Wyrm Art Poster
for more info

Show some dragon love. Use one of more of the ideas to decorate your home. All of these dragon ideas make wonderful gifts for any adult or child who has an interest in dragons. 

And if you are looking for some dragon stuffed animals for the little ones, take a look at this post: Five Amazing Stuffed Dragon Toys Kids Will Love 
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Five Amazing Stuffed Dragon Toys Kids Will Love

by Catherine Giordano

Everyone knows dragons are ferocious monsters. Not always. Here are some cuddly ones that little kids, and even adults in their second childhood like me, will love.

Little kids love dragons. Why? Click Here for the Answer

Blue is the color of happiness and this plush blue dragon makes me feel happy. It will probably make some little toddler happy too. This one even roars.

Aurora Plush Blue Dragon

Go a little darker and pluck this medieval black dragon right out of the Middle Ages and the Knights of the Round Table.

Merlin the Black Dragon Stuffed Animal


And this one is a Monstrous Nightmare of a dragon (from How to Train Your Dragon, an animated movie), but kids love this plush toy. 


How to Train a Dragon Monstrous Nightmare Stuffed Plush Toy

Let’s get back to cute and cuddly. This one is a softie. I want to hug him right now.
Melissa & Doug Princess Soft Toys Longfellow Dragon

Perhaps you need a little color. This adorable dragon doesn’t shoot flames, but she (I’m sure it's a girl dragon) is flame red and that is close enough.  Did I mention she’s adorable?

I put these five amazing stuffed plush dragons on my wish list because you are never too old for some dragon love (dragon toys). I’m going to line them up on the back of the couch in my office so they can keep me company when I am sitting at my computer writing.

Use the comments section to tell me which one is your favorite.

Please give one of these dragons a loving home. Just click the links to see more detail. (Also if you decide to buy, I will earn a small commission if you use the links on this page. I'm saving up to buy one for myself. I'm a little kid at heart.)

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Are Dragons in Our DNA?

Painted by Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch, 1806
by Catherine Giordano

I just finished reading An Instinct for Dragons by David E. Jones. He has a fascinating theory about the origins of dragons.   

Dragons are mythical creatures. They do not exist and they never have existed.  Why then, does every culture in the world have dragon mythology? 

The answer according to Jones lies deep in our DNA, and is based on an instinctive fear of the three main predators who preyed on early mammals, our simian ancestors, and humans. Individuals who instinctively fled these predators had a survival advantage which was passed on through their genes. 

The three predators are the snake, the large birds of prey (raptors, eagles) and the big cats (lions and tigers.) The dragon is a combination of these three animals—the reptilian body of the snake, the wings of the raptor, the jaws of the big cats. 
An Instinct for Dragons
to see the book
If the theory is correct, we have the fear of dragons in our DNA.

The specific depiction of the dragon varies from cultures to culture, but the three elements of snake, raptor, and cat are always present.
Do you see these animals in the picture above?
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I discuss this in more detail
in The Dragon Files: Do Humans Have Dragon DNA?

Monday, July 21, 2014

Baby Dragon Loves Mama Dragon

by Catherine Giordano

My birthday is February 11 very close to Valentine's Day.  So my birthday and Valentine's Day are often celebrated together.

My son knows I like dragons so he made this combination birthday and Valentine's Day card
for me. 

It's probably not going to win any art show awards, but I still have it hanging on the living room wall.


I'm glad I bought him that dragon art book when he was little.

Once we could only put our children's art on the refrigerator, now we can put it online for the world to see.

Friday, July 11, 2014

If a Dragon Whispers in Your Ear ...

to see this dragon ear clip
and other dragon jewelry
by Catherine Giordano

If a dragon whispers in your ear, it may be a sign that good fortune is headed your way.  

In western folklore, the dragon is commonly depicted as an malevolent creature in need of slaying, but in China (and other Asian countries) the dragon is generally signifies good fortune.  

In ancient Chinese mythology dragons are the ultimate symbol of Chi (energy). The dragon symbolizes new beginnings, high achievement, prosperity, and success.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Ancient Greek Sea Dragon

by Catherine Giordano

Ancient Greek Sea Dragon Collector's Item
The Sea Dragon was a mythological creature of ancient Greece. Huge and reptilian-like, Sea Dragons had razor-sharp teeth and claws. Their ability to control wind and water made them dangerous to shipping. Lost cargos became their treasure.
This Sea Dragon sculpture was introduced in 2008 by Safari Ltd. and has become hugely popular as a collector’s item. It is 7 inches long and 4 3/4 inches tall. It is hand painted and phthalate free plastic. It’s a great item for gamers and collectors of mythological and fantasy creatures as well as a great toy for children aged 3 and up.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo
Source: Picasa
by Catherine Giordano

I did an article about found poetry for HubPages  I included a lot of information about found poetry and wrote about my own News Print Poetry 2012 project. Please take a look and help me be successful on HubPages.  The article is Found Poetry: The News Print Poetry Project.

I used a picture of this dragon to illustrate my poem about Chinese New Year that was included in the article as an example of found poetry.

Here's the poem.

The Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year.
The Year of the Dragon
The mythical creature
brings optimism, and
hope for better times.
The dragon—
the most powerful sign
delivers energy and prosperity.

You can see more of the poems at News Print Poetry 2012.

CLICK HERE to look inside

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Diagon Alley Dragons

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley Dragon
We first came to know Harry Potter in a record-breaking seven-book series, selling more than 450
million copies worldwide.

Then, the Harry Potter experience was made more vivid in the eight movies --the most successful movie franchise in history.

And finally, we get to immerse ourselves in  the world of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Florida

And now the Wizarding World is bigger and better--Diagon Alley, a second area of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, opens July 8, 2014.

And there are even more dragons.

You may be able to preview the attraction prior to the July 8th, 2014 official opening. Click Here for details.

CLICK HERE for books