Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dragons and the Humans Who Love Them

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by Catherine Giordano

Who knew? Dragons sometimes take human form and have love affairs with humans.  Their inter-species lover can even bring forth progeny—fortunately human progeny and not some animal human hybrid. No one would want to see that. 

Folklore abounds with love stories about the love between humans and dragons. I found three of these tales which take place in France during the Middle Ages.  

Why the Middle Ages? There were lots of dragons around back then.   

Why France? The country and its people are known for l’amour 

In these sweet love stories a lonely dragon who has shape-shifted into human form, encounters a human and they fall in love and marry. Who knew? Dragons can be quite charming. And it doesn’t hurt that they only shape-shift into extremely good-looking humans.

I wrote up these stories in another posting. Read them at  Shape-Shifting Dragons of Folklore: Three Love Stories 

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There are also modern-day tales of dragons who shape shift into human form. These stories are less sweet, but no less romantic. It is just that we get lots of steamy, erotic, sexual encounters between the dragon and his lady love. (It is usually a male dragon and a female human who couple-up.) Dragons are evidently quite skilled in the arts of love.   

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