Monday, August 4, 2014

Five Amazing Stuffed Dragon Toys Kids Will Love

by Catherine Giordano

Everyone knows dragons are ferocious monsters. Not always. Here are some cuddly ones that little kids, and even adults in their second childhood like me, will love.

Little kids love dragons. Why? Click Here for the Answer

Blue is the color of happiness and this plush blue dragon makes me feel happy. It will probably make some little toddler happy too. This one even roars.

Aurora Plush Blue Dragon

Go a little darker and pluck this medieval black dragon right out of the Middle Ages and the Knights of the Round Table.

Merlin the Black Dragon Stuffed Animal


And this one is a Monstrous Nightmare of a dragon (from How to Train Your Dragon, an animated movie), but kids love this plush toy. 


How to Train a Dragon Monstrous Nightmare Stuffed Plush Toy

Let’s get back to cute and cuddly. This one is a softie. I want to hug him right now.
Melissa & Doug Princess Soft Toys Longfellow Dragon

Perhaps you need a little color. This adorable dragon doesn’t shoot flames, but she (I’m sure it's a girl dragon) is flame red and that is close enough.  Did I mention she’s adorable?

I put these five amazing stuffed plush dragons on my wish list because you are never too old for some dragon love (dragon toys). I’m going to line them up on the back of the couch in my office so they can keep me company when I am sitting at my computer writing.

Use the comments section to tell me which one is your favorite.

Please give one of these dragons a loving home. Just click the links to see more detail. (Also if you decide to buy, I will earn a small commission if you use the links on this page. I'm saving up to buy one for myself. I'm a little kid at heart.)

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