Friday, September 19, 2014

Dragon Halloween Costumes for Kids

Red dragon costume for infants and babies
Adorable baby dragon costume
by Catherine Giordano

Why do kids love dragons?

Maybe because they are big and scary and carnivorous. Maybe because they are awesome--flying in the sky with their ginormous wings and breathing fire. Maybe because they are cool--movies like movies like  How to Train Your Dragon, and dragon-themed books and games have upped the wow factor.

The answer is all of the above.

However, the big, scary and carnivorous reason my need an explanation. Dragons are like dinosaurs and kids have been fascinated with dinosaurs forever. When you are a little kid, everything is big and scary and possibly out to do you in.  Little kids like to own the power of these ferocious beasts for themselves. If I were a dragon everyone would be scared of me and no one would be telling me what to do.

Baby dragon costume
Baby Dragon Costume
And one more reason little kids and great big kids (also known as adults) love dragons--they are so gosh-darn cute. Like the little baby in the picture above and to the left. Click the link below the picture to see the costume and a bunch of other dragon costumes for babies, little kids and great big kids (also known as adults.)

If you would like to learn more about why kids love dragons, click this link. Dragon Toys Your Kids Will Love  You will also see a detailed explanation of the psychology of dragon-love and enough dragon-themed gift ideas to fill a dragon’s lair.

Child Dragon Costume

Dragon Mask
Red dragon mask
Toddler Dragon Costume
Toddler dragon costume

Be sure to save your kids costumes after Halloween. I kept all of my son's old costumes and props in a big box. During the year, he would play dress up and pretend games with the costumes. Costumes are fun all year long.